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040505Help, I can't log in!?!
Where can I read the answers, on my Ads?
Can you read my answers?
Can I send my Ad to someone else?
What is an Ad?
040429Picture problems...
How can I delete a photo from my Ad?
040507Hi, I have tried to email X but I get no reply!?
Some Ads sound to be good to be true, are they really for real?
I did write to X and she didn't answer with her accurate phone number, so you must ban her...
Which are your rules??
In my country is it legal with sex, from 14 years age... Why is the limit 18 in EE passion?
There are some complicated words...
By the way, your site really needs to improve its level of written English!!
I found another problem, in EE passion!

About the site and system...
You have rather few female Ads, why?
I want to link EE passion, have you any banners?
Can we DONATE money, to help you grow?
Is it really true, that you always will be completely free and never become a pay site?
Will EE passion get more functions, in the future?
But I really want to chat...
Why must I click the tiny "donuts" sometimes??
040423Is this site really compatible with my computer?
081115Have EE passion a strict Anti Spam policy?

Fun stuff and our deep Sex School...
I have a question about anal sex...
I'm curious about S/M!?
I have another question!!

Help, I can't log in!?! We have never had any problem, with our log in system and you can even log in with small letters... But people do often some mistakes... ** And you should read from advice number 5) below, if your password did work before!
The first time: 1) About 10% get the email address wrong... But you can still check the address, in the second "registration" window and IF it really is wrong, can you then correct the email address and save the new one... Observe that it can take up to 30 minutes to get the password email, because of mysterious internet delays, even if it normally take seconds...
But if you never get a password email, because your email address was wrong and you close the second "registration" window, must you naturally register from the beginning, with a completely new signature!
2) You must also "see new emails" in your email program, to get your password... And some free web email sites, as Hotmail or Yahoo and most "effective" spam programs - have too tight / strong spam settings, that hide new emails in a spam folder (or even delete some emails) from anyone you didn't wrote to before... Like future answers from EE passion members... So you may first check your email settings!
3) Then must you naturally be within the space limit, of your email account, to get any emails...... And that limit is sometimes only 2 MB tiny...
You will NOT get your password automatically, if you done any of the easy mistakes above... But you can ask for your password (just click the green link below) if you really done one of the last two mistakes above... And FIRST find and fix the problem, naturally!
4) A few members click also the windows update button OR the button after "Adjust any ERROR and click" even if you email address was perfectly correct and get two or more passwords... You should then try the last password, first and then the one before that... The last one we make, is always the correct one, but you may get an older email after that!
Or if your password did work before: 5) Many members change to a personal password and forget that... You can then always ask for your password, when you try to log in and easy change to a better one, on the "adjust your settings" page!
6) And if you register a signature with empty spaces, type "Blue example " must you log in with EXACTLY the same spaces, even if one space is at the end...
7) If you have 2 signatures and change the email address, will you get a special email and a new password, for both signatures... Then can you easy change to a personal password, but remember to change on BOTH signatures "adjust your settings" pages!
8) You may also register a second signature (or change the signature, which is a future function) and then forget that signature... Click then here to get an email with your log in info... To the email you actually did use... You might finally be deleted, if you don't visit EE passion for a very long time... But we will first send you an email warning!

Where can I read the answers, on my Ads?? You get any answers directly to your own email program, so you can save them... Yes, even if you hide your email address, so they must write the answer in your Ad - will we always send the answer directly to you... And if you not hide your email address, can they naturally write directly to you... We respect your privacy and made our system, so we can't save or read any "answer emails" as many other contact sites do... But that does also mean that you MUST have a working email address!

Can you read my answers? Absolutely not... Your answers are sent directly to the members, by the automatic EE system... We respect your privacy and made our system, so we can't save or read any "answer emails" as many other contact sites do!

Can I send my Ad to someone else? Yes and that is easy... You can send any big Ad you visit, to yourself and then naturally send that email to someone else... You find the green link "Click here * if you want to get a email, with this Big Ad" just above the "write an answer" space!

What is an Ad? That is simply short for Advertisement... And it's very easy to write your basic Ad... You only select the basic info, grade some games, maybe show your pictures and finally write your personal text... The system will also help you write most of the Ad and you get automatically a Big Ad and a smart mini Ad for the overview... Then can you make your Ad much more interesting, with the giant Second Step (that's a future function) where you only select the right alternatives... And you can also have two Ads in EE passion, with different signatures for different contacts...

I can't load my picture?! You must FIRST select the picture you want, with the right box and THEN click the green button (under the box) to save your picture!

I got no picture, in my mini Ad! You did only load a picture in the box for your Big Ad and not in the box for your mini Ad... If you don't have a special small picture for the mini Ad, should you use the first "multi" box to load your picture!

My mini Ad picture got very tiny, why?? We have no clue, actually and we did really try to fix it... It happen almost only with pictures that is extra thin and high, so you can simply try with another photo for the miniAd... And we will try extra hard to fix it, later!

My big picture loose quality, why?? The standard function in the server that change the size, is rather clumsy... We will try to find a better alternative, later... But you will loose less quality, if you save a picture that is maximum 300 wide and 400 high!

I did everything right, but got only a red "x" sign!? That is an extremely rare problem... If you really did select a picture and then saved it... Then must it either be a bad internet connection, that damage the picture and if it was that, can you try again... Or a very bad original picture, that is impossible to scale and then must you use another picture!

How can I delete a photo from my Ad? Just replace it with another one!

Hi, I have twice tried to email X but I got no reply!? We have still rather very few ladies at EE passion, so they get naturally MANY emails and I suppose they don't have time to answer everyone... Most of them doesn't even answer me, the webmaster... You can naturally help everyone, by inviting females and help them write great Ads... The system guarantee anyhow, that you write to the members right email address and if you not get your email back, did she get your email!

Some Ads sound to be good to be true, are they really for real??? That is naturally hard to say... Some man might write he is a female, to get some strange cyber sex and most people "adjust" a few details... But the EE passion system, where everyone have to verify the email address, guarantee that you ALWAYS will write to the person who wrote the Ad...
And we think that most members are very honest, because any big lies may destroy the first meeting and most people, look anyhow for someone who like them, as they really are... But they can anyhow lie about almost anything, except the email address and especially, if they only want cyber sex!

I did write to X and she didn't answer with her accurate phone number, so you must ban her... She maybe wrote it wrong... Or you might ask too much, too fast... We ban only members that clearly break our simple rules, not because of some human errors!

Which are your rules?? A member may want and offer almost anything...
But you may NOT write about - Any kind of sex with anyone under 18 years old, any sex for money (or even ask for "generous" men) any business message, sex with an unwilling part (type real rape) animal sex or anything else that is criminal in your country... And you may never write anything "not nice" about anyone else!
A man may be generous and promise to take care of someone, but he may NOT offer any money... This system is mainly automatic and we take no responsibilities, for what the members write about them self... But we will delete any Ad's that don't follow these simple rules, block the email address and report the worst to the government.

In my country, is it legal to have sex from 14 years old... So why is the limit 18 in EE passion?? Yes, it would be nice to let any teenager enjoy the site... But we have to set the limit at the highest normal age of consent and that is 18 years... Which also is the common age to view sexy sites on internet... Then is the laws very different between different countries and some allow much younger teens to have sex...
But you should absolutely NOT break your counties laws, if your limit is even higher... So we state "EE passion contact club, is for everyone of legal age" on the front page and first on the "become a new member" page... But you can ALSO write how old you really look, when you create your Ad and the miniAds in the overview, will only show your "look as age" even if you actually look as a little 13 years old girl... And you can naturally Google the "age of consent" in different countries!

There are some complicated words I don't understand!?! We try to use very easy English and I sincerely hope I found the best words, everywhere... But you are very welcome to suggest any changes / alternatives, that are more accurate OR more easy to understand!

By the way, your site really needs to improve its level of written English!!
Yes, I got some aggressive complaints on my English in EE passion and EE plaza, even if several English friends (including a fine writer) say it's better than most peoples... And I am from Sweden, so I can't write much better... So you are naturally very welcome, to point out the worst mistakes with my English language... Both in EE passion and EE plaza!
But if you like to help, must I first point out some vital aspects... It's very important that even sexy German bimbos (who understand rather little English and almost only think about sex) understand as much as possible, in EE passion... The space to describe many things and especially the sex games, are VERY limited... And the first text part and the sex games in the Ads, are "selected system text" that are both complicated to change and sometimes impossible to show elegant, before I find a new programmer. I want to explain every vital part / action, so we don't get any misunderstandings and to make EE passion very easy to use... I also like the words to flow smooth, in each line... My "English" is mainly the British version, with some American words... Then is it naturally nice, if the language is beautiful too!
How to help... 1) Click first here so you can email us... 2) Copy then the name of the page to the email, so I can find the "error" on that page, with find and replace... 3) Copy any bad line or part, twice... 4) Adjust the second copy, with your suggestion... 5) Try then to explain how important it is and especially why I should change... Type: (a lot more usual) or (little more easy to understand) or (better flow of words) or (wrong order of words) and you can naturally copy your explanations... If you not explain, may I not understand what's wrong... 6) And don't be angry, if I not use some of your suggestions!

I found a strange problem, in EE passion! We truly want to be absolute excellent, in every way... So please click here and tell us about any problem!

About the site and system

You have rather few female Ads, why? We have welcome many thousand active members, in a few years and we grow nice every day... But we want many millions of happy members and they must first find EE passion... Then will we always be completely free and it's rather expensive to run this site... So we have very little money for any advertising and that mean, that we really need YOUR help...
Yes... The big problem is that people forget to invite their female friends and that is little strange... It seems like only "wild" females, invite other "wild" females and it might be because of that, we have so many advanced female Ads.... Almost everyone else come now to EE passion from fine "sex link sites" and rather few people use that type of sites... Most use Google or Alta Vista, where EE passion drown in the sea of over 200.000 rather big "free" contact sites, that only let you register free... So people simply don't find EE passion...
And many females find their dreams extremely fast, with help of EE passion and several are even happily married, now... Which is very nice, but they don't need any Ad any more and we loose almost as many female Ads, as we get new ones!!
So it's vital that YOU invite your friends to EE passion... And tip everyone in sexy forums, groups and clubs... Type "A great site tip - - is the finest contact club and completely free" and maybe "They have especially fantastic search functions and it's very easy to write a great Ad, even if you can grade 245 sexgames!"
You can invite thousands, the first years... Like rings on water... And everyone love very different qualities, so every female you help, will actually be someone's dream and then may someone else, invite your dream... As a magnificent labyrinth of love... And EE passion is really made for everyone (of legal age) so soft romantic Ads are also very welcome... And everyone can also have two signatures and very different Ads, for different contacts!
And you must naturally LINK to EE passion... If you have a sexy site and want extra happy visitors... Click here for more info, free pics and many delicious banners... So we grow faster, get even better and can make everyone happy!
You can also help babes write Ads (as nice presents) and at the same time, get to know them better... Yes, we really want more female Ads and we have actually over 20 times more members than Ads, so many members are little lazy... But if You only help one female every year, to write one Ad, will EE passion virtually explode with delicious Ads!!
And EE passion is truly made for everyone, from 16 years... So any look and any type of Ads are very welcome, from very romantic to extremely wild - except sex for money or other stuff that break our generous rules!

I want to link to EE passion, but have you any banners?? Yes, we have many delicious banners... Just click for our banners and Webmaster info, including free pics!

Can we DONATE money, to help you grow?? Yes, you are naturally VERY welcome to donate money, so we really can advertise... If you have some extra and like to help everyone, to find their dream... EE passion is a private project and it's expensive to run this site, so we have almost no money to advertise and grow faster...
You can simply send some money (even dollar or pounds) in a letter to the creator... Just email me - rcroye AT - for the address!

You can also buy (or publish) any fine advertising for EE passion, with help of the information and banners you find here... Click for link info... Before you email us the great news ;-)
And become a Gold Member... But we offer our Gold membership at very low prices, so you are very welcome to donate more separate... Yes, any money you donate will be used exclusively for effective advertising!

Is it really true, that you always will be completely free and never become a pay site??? Yes... We want to give everyone, the finest possibility to find their dreams... So you can first have 2 signatures and create 2 delicious Ads... Then will you always be able to search your dream, with our ultra advanced seek functions, view any numbers of mini Ads and first really answer up to 6 big Ad's every new day, completely free - until we get 33.000 members... But even after that "main breaking point" can you always answer up to 3 big Ad's every new day, completely free...
And that is actually a VERY generous limit, that can be compared with 10 to 30 almost "blind" views in other sites - because you can easy see which Ads you really want to open, with help of the extremely informative miniAds...
But you are naturally very welcome to become a Gold member, if you want even more and that will especially show other members (when we made the Gold sign - a future function) that you are ready to pay little to find your dream and it will naturally help us grow.... Gold membership cost only 10 euro for three months, or 23 euro for a great year and remember that most other contact sites take 26-44 euro for just 3 months... You can then view and answer any number of big Ads, plus search on the 245 sex games... And we will then invest your money in smart effective advertising, so more and more people find EE passion!
Then will that view and answer limit, also stop most spammers... They will simply give up after the first 3 emails, when they have to become Gold members to send more - but you should anyhow be nice to the other members and report any dumb spammers, of course!!

Will EE passion get more functions, in the future?? Oh Yes... We will first DOUBLE everything and in time offer you 333% functionality... Other sites give you only 2 to 40% smart functionality, for free and we give you over 100% since we open... But we will never offer many alternative ways to contact, which mainly are confusing and only complicate things... Type chat, notepad's (you only can read when you visit) diaries, alerts and similar stuff... But we plan to include a list with favourite miniAds and 25 sexy forums pages later, as you can see below... Just click here for the News page and read about every future function!

But I really want to chat... I did use to say that people can always meet and chat, on thousand other forums and chat sites, so we don't need that in EE passion... Just like people can phone each other... But it would be nice to link to the absolute best FREE forums and chat sites... So please email me if you have a great suggestion, that I should recommend!
And we will in good time open a sexy forum with 25 theme pages... * Romantic experiences * Love stuff * Ultra sexy daily clothes * Outdoor Sex Adventures * Petite babes & legal teens * Cum greedy sluts * Ultra sexy wet Bimbos * Extra Big Fake Boobs * Big meaty cunt lips * Very Anal Babes * Fetish clothes & bondage * Spanking * Bi stuff * Gay stuff * Lesbian stuff * Fisting and FAT toys * Willing Slave Girls * Slave Boys * Swingers & Gang Bang * Pain sluts * Pee Loving Girls * Girls who play with Poop * Help EE passion * Extreme Erotica films * EE plaza Magazine

Why must I click these tiny "donuts" sometimes?? We use them, for three main reasons... Some links are not possible to fix, so you can click the text... And many visitors don't like to use Java, that make finer links possible... EE passion is for everyone, even people with smart phones - so you don't need to use any extra technology, many don't like... Then has graphic links (that is like pictures of text) several other disadvantages!
Okay, some people say first that my "donuts" are tiny, but they discover soon that they are easy to use and the "donuts" have actually a higher and wider "click space" over and at right... The donuts are only 11 pixels, but the "click space" is 16 wide and 15 high with normal text!

Is this site really compatible with my computer? Yes, we want everyone to be able to use EE passion... So the site is optimized for any computer, including pocket computers with VGA screens and tiny smart mobile phones, that only handle basic html... So you DON'T have to use Java, cookies, flash or any other technology, many don't like... And we don't use frames, xtml or anything else that might complicate for your computer... We only use basic html, in brand new and very advanced ways... So we can give you the unique functions, anyhow!
Even the "paper" behind the text, is designed to fit the 640 pixel wide screen of a pocket computer and the not too wide paper, made also text rather easy to read, without the need of two column's... You can also have EE passion and another window / program, side by side, if you have a rather big screen and that is sometimes very convenient!

Have EE passion a strict Anti Spam policy? Oh Yes... We send only vital INFORMATION to our members and a few reminders, if you don't visit us for a very long time... So we don't have to hide old Ad's and delete inactive members, without any warning!
Many other contact sites, send a lot of extra emails with Ad's that almost never match your search... That will we never do... But you have a great possibility to select to get any new Ad's that really match your last search... So you don't miss new interesting members, when you not visit us for a time... But that is naturally an option, that you must select (at the main search page) and never something you will get, just because you are a member!
Then will our generous view & answer limit, also stop most spammers inside EE passion... They will simply give up after the first 3 emails, even if they didn't understand that spamming don't work in EE passion - but you should anyhow be nice to the other members and report any dumb spammers, of course!!

Fun stuff and our deep Sex School

I have a question about anal sex... You may have many... We have a big article about anal sex, in our fine Sex School, that explain everything you may need to know and a bit more... Click here to learn everything about anal sex!

I'm curious about S/M!? Many people are... Just click here for the basic about S/M and the advantages for a real slave girl... In our fine Sex School!

I have another question!! Aha... Send us a email and tell us what you wonder!

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