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The EE filmsEE passion picnics!

Coming EE passion picnics and events!
How to arrange EE passion picnics!
History of EE passion picnics!

Coming EE passion picnics and events!

We just got this nice idea 1 May 2004 and nobody have reported any plans, yet!

But we will show - Country, city for the picnic, exact location, any special details,
any "continue" plans, plus the signature of the contact person and email address!

Arrange nice EE passion picnics!

Why arrange a picnic?? It's simply a very nice way to meet people and it is also incredible easy to arrange... You meet totally anonymous, on a nice place and then can anything you like happen... Okay, it will be too many men in the beginning - but some might bring some female friends and you can always PLAN how to invite more babes to EE passion!
And it's also possible that some female members will come... Anyone from a shy girl (that don't have an Ad) to gang bang sluts... Every member, can join this nice events and if too many come, can you always move and continue somewhere else!
And after the main picnic can you always continue in a disco, take a nude swim, view some movies in a members home (with a home cinema) have a really delicious orgie in a members home (or at the picnic spot) follow up with a short cruise and naturally arrange for another nice or wild picnic, next Saturday... And it might even lead to lovely marriages!

How to arrange a perfect EE passion picnic?? Just email every member, that live rather close to you... So it's extra good to have an Ad... But lazy (or very shy) members that read about coming events on this page, can also join... EE passion is for everyone (even kids on very cute picnics) and meetings over the age barriers is often extra interesting...
So you should invite everyone, that live rather close (up to 69 members) and remember that anyone, might bring a babe!
Suggest a lovely park, beach, villa or private boat, plus a Saturday date... Then can you always continue in a disco, have a delicious orgie in a members home and follow up with a short cruise... See more nice alternatives above... Tell them also to invite female friends, to confirm as soon as possible and that everyone will bring their own food or fruits and stuff!
Email then us about the event, so we can inform on this page... And hopefully inspire some shy girls, to join... Mail everyone on the Saturday morning and if the weather is fine, tell how many that will come... Or that you will wait on better weather, until next Saturday...
Have then a great time, eat and drink, get new friends, discuss how you can invite more babes to EE passion and take many nice pictures... Both for this page (we can cover some eyes) and especially for members Ads... And email us finally how it was!!

History of EE passion picnics

2004-05-01 Got the nice idea, that You can arrange delicious EE passion picnics!

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EE passion, completely free adult dating